WWA005 – Black Sabbath

“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” 1973

SBS 1st issue sleeve medium

Sleeve notes:

Gatefold sleeve, no printers credit. “Manufactured and Printed in England” on rear sleeve. NOTE: first issue sleeve does NOT have the ‘album concept and design: Pacific Eye & Ear/Illustrations: Drew Struzan/Photographer: Shepard Sherbell’ credit.

Second issue sleeves have the above credit added in as a slightly bolder/blacker ‘overprint’.

Label notes:

Silver print on black label. Note the white logo version below with the ‘Audio Club of Britain’ catalogue number of ACB00166 in addition to WWA005.

Original UK pressing comes with fragile, thin paper lyric inner sleeve, very prone to wear, creasing and splitting.


5 comments on “WWA005 – Black Sabbath

  1. There is a rumour this LP might have a UK Vertigo pressing. Until I see it I won’t be convinced. I believe that this was issued on Vertigo in other territories which must be as a result of the original deal.

  2. Just a quick comment on your information profile for this album, You say “the ‘book club’ catalogue number of ACB00166”. I was a member of this club back in the 70’s and from what I remember they didn’t sell books. ACB actually stood for “Audio Club of Britain”. You could buy albums from them and spread the cost and they were also slightly cheaper than some retail outlets. If I remember rightly they also sold Cassette Tapes. Hope this piece of info is of some value to you, I really like the site but it’s also nice that the info is accurate.

  3. I just acquired this album today. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I was just doing a little research on the authenticity and everything seems to be spot on. Unfortunately the lyric sleeve was not included but altogether is in great shape. It is the only record I own as it makes for a wonderful keepsake. This album shaped my life. Thank You!

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