VO6 – Black Sabbath

“Black Sabbath” 1970

Sleeve Notes:

Gatefold sleeve. Three versions of the sleeve exist. The first issue had an erroneous copyright warning stating that “Copyright subsists in all Stereo recordings…”. The 2nd version corrected this to “Copyright subsists in all Vertigo recordings…”. Both these versions had band member and production credits in capital letters throughout. The third version of the sleeve changed all credits into upper and lower case and also adds in composition and publishing credits. All versions (including subsequent reissues) all mis-spell Ozzy Osbourne as Ossie Osborne.

Label Notes:

Large swirl logo above spindle.
“VERTIGO” below spindle hole.
Upper case song titles with track numbers.

A Side Matrix: VO 6 1Y* 1 420 1 3

B Side Matrix: VO 6 2Y*1 420 12 16

3 versions of sleeve credits

2nd issue with large swirl, VERTIGO below spindle hole, no ‘PHILIPS RECORD PRODUCT’ text  (2 versions exist – see this post here for all the variations on the 4 swirl labels)

3rd issue with small swirl, VERTIGO above spindle hole

4th and final issue on Vertigo, spaceship label version

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