6360 053 – Mike Absalom

“Mike Absalom” 1971

Sleeve notes:

Impressive fold-out poster sleeve, blank on the reverse, designed, illustrated and photographed by Roger Dean. No printer’s credit.

Label notes:


Most commonly seen with the small swirl and VERTIGO above the spindle, BUT also seen with the large swirl and VERTIGO below the spindle. The last known large swirl label release was Magna Carta’s ‘Songs From Wasties Orchard’ way back on 6360 040, so how this album can realistically be released on a large swirl label is a bit of a mystery…unless it was released so quickly that it came out in advance of the label design change…it also sold in such tiny amounts that it seems unlikely to have ever been worthy (in sales terms that is) of a reissue. Or was it simply a case of during printing that the small swirl design label ran out and the printer just happened to use some existing large swirl labels and overprinted the album details? Highly unlikely we’ll ever know for sure!


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