6360 048 – Dr. Z

“Three Parts To My Soul” 1971

Sleeve notes:

Die-cut gatefold sleeve that opens from the centre to reveal the inner illustration that then folds down flat into a T shape. Designed by Barney Bubbles and Phil Freaks, no printer’s credit.

Label notes:

Small swirl with VERTIGO above spindle. 2nd version exists with publishing credits.


Here’s a reproduction of the original press release that accompanied the original few copies sent to promote the album

One comment on “6360 048 – Dr. Z

  1. I remember finding a new copy of this in mint condition, in a bargain box in John Lewis of Leicester for £1.50 in the early 70’s. Sold it to a dealer in Record Collector (I think) for £70 when I went through a “Skint” period. Years later I saw one sold for £300. I recently looked on Discogs and was taken aback at what it is worth now. £1675. If only I had known then what I know now. C’est la vie!

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