6059 007 – Affinity

“I Wonder If I Care As Much” 1970

6059-007-affinity-demo 6059-007-affinity

Stamped matrix:

6059007 1F//2  11 2

6059007 2F▽ 2  1 1 4


Release date 5th June 1970.

B-side of demo is mistakenly titled ‘Three Sisters’. Corrected to ‘Sisters Three’ on commercial release. Demo credits Linda Hoyle as ‘Unda Hoile’ ! Hoile is the correct spelling of Linda’s surname but it was mis-spelled so often as Hoyle in her earliest career days she stuck with the spelling. Credit is corrected to Linda Hoile on commercial release.

Here’s a reproduction of a music press advertisement for the single, utilising a reworked version of the band photo that was used for the inner gatefold of the album.

affinity advertand here’s the inner gatefold upon which it was based:


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