SSK 59402 – Led Zeppelin

“Presence” – 1976

Sleeve notes:

Gatefold sleeve with ‘Led Zeppelin Presence’ embossed into front sleeve. I have seen some sleeves with a sticker with this information. Swan Song ‘Apollo’ logo embossed into rear sleeve. There is a 1979 reissue that doesn’t have this embossing, so a smooth sleeve. Also the label design is slightly different on the 1979 reissue – see above.

Inner sleeves on the reissue look identical but the paper is slightly thinner and isn’t as rough textured as the original.

Matrix notes:

1976 1st press (with ‘Made in UK’ on labels) has 2 versions with stamped matrices thus:


SSK-59402-A2  ATLANTIC STUDIOS (hand etched)


1979 reissue (with ‘Manufactured in the UK’ on labels) has stamped A1/B1 matrices thus:


4 comments on “SSK 59402 – Led Zeppelin

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  3. Just reading your info and thought you’d like to know that there are original Presence pressings with A2 / B1 matrices – I have one bought many years ago.

    Great site btw, off to check my other original Zep pressings!

  4. My copy with A1/B1 matrix numbers has a top opening inner. The previous one I had, with A2/B2 numbers, had a similar inner but the opening was on the side.
    Congratulations on your nice work!!

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