TPSP 351 Deep Purple

“Made In Japan” 1972


Sleeve notes:

Laminated gatefold sleeve. Printer’s credit and date code 7211 (November 1972) on inner gatefold:

“Printed and made by Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd”

Originally came with a special promotion sticker on the front cover – very hard to find these still intact.


Label notes:

“THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD” and “MADE IN GT. BRITAIN” on label. There are 2 label styles, the first one (as above) features the album title with brackets, thus: DEEP PURPLE (MADE IN JAPAN). The second version (below) has no brackets and also shows ridges in the label area and is a contract pressing by Decca Records to meet the high demand for this album at the time. Note also that the ‘MADE IN GT. BRITAIN’ wording is missing from this Decca pressed version.

Matrix notes (stamped):

T P S  3 5 1 1   A – 1 U   PORKY

T P S  3 5 1 1   B – 1 U   DELTA PORK

T P S  3 5 1 2   A – 1 U   PECKO

T P S  3 5 1 2   B – 1 U   PECKIE

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