PEG 11 – Ritchie Francis

“Songbird” 1972





Sleeve notes:

Textured gatefold sleeve printed by EJ Day Group, London and Bedford. Inner gatefold features all handwritten lyric sheets and also production/composition credits are all handwritten. Interesting to note that the record company address shows ‘Pegasus’ with the ‘asus’ crossed out to leave ‘Peg’. The first release on Pegasus Records with the newly changed ‘peg’ design label rather than the original ‘winged horse’ design, following the threatened legal action by Readers Digest (who owned the copyright to Pegasus and the winged horse logo). No country of manufacture listed on the label.


One comment on “PEG 11 – Ritchie Francis

  1. Ritchie Francis had been a member of the band “Big Sleep”, whose earlier LP was also released by Pegasus “Bluebell Wood”.

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