PEG 1 – Atomic Rooster

“In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster” 1971

Sleeve Notes:
Gatefold sleeve.
Printed by EJ Day Group
Label Notes:
A side label followed the thinking by Vertigo swirl, i.e. a generic ‘corporate’ label for the A side and all track listing information on the B side label.
A Side Matrix:  P E G  1   A – 1 U
B Side Matrix:  P E G  1   B – 1 U

3 comments on “PEG 1 – Atomic Rooster

  1. Note also, the early Roger Dean illustration. Not quite in the same style as later Yes album covers…

  2. I have a copy of PEG1. Rare enough but there is no track info on the white label on side 2 just the blue line drawing of the flying horse. Is this unique? A one off?

    Any info on this would be appreciated.


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