CREST 1 – Nazareth

“Razamanaz” 1973

Nazareth’s 3rd LP and the first release on the newly formed Mooncrest label following the demise of Pegasus Records which had released the first two Nazareth albums (“Nazareth” and “Exercises”).

Sleeve Notes:

Gatefold sleeve.
Printed by EJ Day Group.
B&C Records credit on rear sleeve.
Original promotional sticker on front cover on my copy.

Label Notes:


A Side Matrix:  C R E S T  1   A – 1 U
B Side Matrix:  C R E S T  1   B – 1 U

Reissued on NEMS label as NEL 6023


Here’s a very strange and rare copy of the label with one of the tracks missing! Thanks to Serge from Samara in Russia for spotting this one. Could this be the very first pressing label that was later corrected to include “Broken Down Angel”…? It would be more odd if this was a later pressing so my suspicions are that it was printed like this for first few copies and corrected later.

4 comments on “CREST 1 – Nazareth

  1. Original 1st pressings came with a light blue inner sleeve with a picture of the first 2 Mooncrest album releases (Nazareth & Lighthouse) on it. I suspect the sticker on your copy was added after the chart success of Broken Down Angel?

    • Correct about the inner sleeve, but ‘Broken Down Angel’ was the very first single released on Mooncrest (MOON 1, released 23 March 1973) so it most likely pre-empted the album release…which came out in May the same year…
      thanks for your comments.

      • With reference to “Broken Down Angel”, demo copies of this and MOON 2 – LIBIDO “Hold On To Your Fire” were issued in a yellow promotional sleeve proclaiming “First releases on MOONCREST” and also had a SILVER as opposed to BLACK typeface. I have also seen a stock copy of MOON 1 with the silver typeface. As an additional comment MOON 9 – Nazareth “Bad Bad Boy” was released in a picture sleeve & is the only picture sleeve issued by the label that I have come across.

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