Reprise RSLP9000 – Fleetwood Mac

“Then Play On” 1969









Sleeve notes:

UK 1st press edition – gatefold sleeve printed by Garrod & Lofthouse (credit on inner gatefold).

UK printed Export edition – non-gatefold sleeve, laminated both sides, printed by Richard Davis Ltd (credit on rear sleeve). RESLP9000 catalogue number on rear sleeve. Note that unlaminated versions of this sleeve were used for the tan steamboat label reissue (with a K catalogue number).


Label notes:

Original tri-colour Reprise labels (these changed to the ‘tan steamboat’ design in 1970). “MADE IN ENGLAND” to the right of the label. Same tri-colour label (with same matrix) was used for the export version).


Stamped matrix:

RSLP 9000 A1-♢ H

RSLP 9000 B1-♢ H

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