RCA SF8113 – Steeleye Span

“Hark! The Village Wait” 1970






Sleeve notes:

Non-gatefold sleeve printed by Delga Press Limited, London (credit on insert). Note the orange lettering and orange tint to front cover photo, this was changed to white lettering on the Mooncrest reissue in 1974.


Label notes:

Glossy orange label with “MANUFACTURED BY RCA LIMITED ENGLAND” on labels.


Stamped matrix:

ZGBS 0358-1E
ZGBS 0359-1E

comes with 2 sided insert:

RCA-SF8113-Steeleye-Span-insert-1 RCA-SF8113-Steeleye-Span-insert-2


note differences to Mooncrest reissue below:

CREST-22-front CREST-22-label CREST-22-insert-1

One comment on “RCA SF8113 – Steeleye Span

  1. Many people are confused about the title. Wait, here is not the verb but the name of a village band – a “Village Wait”, this was the name given to the rather ramshackle group of musicians that often appear in Thomas Hardy literature. Probably with a violin (or fiddle) or several, a bit of brass for the bass (a euphonium, tuba or similar) and maybe a squeezebox (accordion, concertina etc). There would be a bit of woodwind such as fife, flute, recorder or bassoon. Any mixture of the above would be what could have made up the “Village Wait” in the title. They may well have appeared together in church on a Sunday to play the hymns if the church wasn’t rich enough for a proper organ (usually the case) and would then be familiar with each other when playing for dances etc. Thus “Hark, The Village Wait” literally means “Listen to the village band”.

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