Polydor 583059 – Blind Faith

“Blind Faith” 1969

Sleeve notes:

Highly controversial front cover image featuring what must be a nude ‘under age’ girl…designed and photographed by Bob Seidermann.

“… I was riding the London Tube on the way to Stigwood’s office to expose Clapton’s management to this revelation when the tube doors opened and she stepped into the car. She was wearing a school uniform, plaid skirt, blue blazer, white socks and ball point pen drawings on her hands. It was as though the air began to crackle with an electrostatic charge. She was buoyant and fresh as the morning air.

I must have looked like something out of Dickens. Somewhere between Fagan, Quasimodo, Albert Einstein and John the Baptist. The car was full of passengers. I approached her and said that I would like her to pose for a record cover for Eric Clapton’s new band. Everyone in the car tensed up.

She said, do I have to take off my clothes?   My answer was yes, I gave her my card and begged her to call. I would have to ask her parent’s consent if she agreed. When I got to Stigwood’s office I called the flat and said that if this girl called not to let her off the phone without getting her phone number. When I returned she had called and left her number…”

read the rest of the story here (he rambles on a bit but it’s worth the read!)

No titles or wording appears on front or rear sleeve. Sleeve is a matt gatefold, very susceptible to wear and damage. Printed by MacNeill Press – credit on inner gatefold.

Label notes:

‘Made In England’ on label.
MCPS within white box on left side of label.

List this album for sale on eBay and you’ll have your listing removed if you show the front cover! It’s still causing controversy 43 years on. This and the original ‘Virgin Killer’ by Scorpions are probably the most controversial album covers to have gone into print and actually on sale, no matter how briefly.

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