Parlophone PCS 7055 – Deep Purple

“Shades Of Deep Purple” 1968


PCS-7055-Deep-Purple-rear1  PCS-7055-Deep-Purple-rear


Sleeve notes:

Laminated flip back, non-gatefold sleeve, printed by Garrod & Lofthouse (credit on rear) with date code of 6809 (September 1968). Original sleeve is matt purple on rear.

No designer or photographer credit.

Label notes:

Originally issued on the yellow and black Parlophone label with “Sold In UK Subject To Resale Price Conditions” wording and “The Gramophone Co. Ltd” around label rim. With ‘KT’ stamped either side of the spindle hole.

Reissued on the black and silver Parlophone label with “The Gramophone Co. Ltd” around label rim with same sleeve artwork but non-flipback and rear sleeve is matt black instead of matt purple.


Reissued again in mid/late 70s on the Harvest label with new sleeve design:


Probably the rarest issue of all is this quickly withdrawn version c.1980 on the Harvest label with a bizarre sleeve concept purportedly from some rejected movie footage (anyone know anything more?)

Shades Deep Purple baby cover frontShades Deep Purple baby cover backShades Deep Purple label 1 no Heritage symbolShades Deep Purple label 2 no Heritage symbol

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