Charisma CAS 1058 – Genesis

“Foxtrot” 1972





Sleeve notes:

Textured gatefold sleeve printed by EJ Day Group, London & Bedford (credit on right hand side of inner gatefold). “Marketed by B&C Records Ltd., 37 Soho Square, London W1” appears on left hand side of inner gatefold. Spine lettering is pink and runs vertically down the spine, usually quite faded so it’s hard to read.


Label notes:

Pink ‘large’ Mad Hatter label. Note how the Mad Hatter’s hand is level with the spindle hole. “MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED BY B&C RECORDS LTD” credit at bottom of label.


Stamped matrix:

CAS 1058 A-1U  G  R  1    PORKY

CAS 1058 A-1U  R  M  1    PECKO


Reissue label with Phonogram credit replacing B&C Records credit and smaller Mad Hatter (this was reissued again on the blue Mad Hatter label):


The reissue gatefold sleeve is smooth (not textured), has black text running vertically down the spine and has a black panel overprinting the original EJ Day printer’s credit and says “Printed and made by Howards Printers (Slough) Ltd., England”.

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