GULP 1031 – Money

“First Investment” 1979




Sleeve notes:

Non-gatefold sleeve, no printer’s credit on sleeve. Pye Records distribution credit on rear sleeve.

Label notes:

“Distributed by Pye Records (Sales) Ltd” credit. Hold the vinyl up to a strong, bright light and it glows red, slightly translucent, as per other Pye manufactured vinyl in the mid-late 1970s (see UK produced vinyl by Kiss for a similar effect).

Hand etched matrices:

G U L P  1 0 3 1   A  1
G U L P  1 0 3 1   B  1

2 comments on “GULP 1031 – Money

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  2. Money were a band from Birmingham UK. This LP had good reviews in the UK and very good response in Japan when Gull records or Morgan Studio’s through their publishing did a deal with Victor Japan. Not that the band knew any of this as they had effectively broken up when the news from Japan reached them. They released an EP ‘Another case of suicide’ on HOBO label which was another inhouse label of Morgan Studio’s. Money’s Leo The Jester appeared on a BBC compilation LP ‘Metal Explosion’ which featured session tracks from the Radio One Friday Rock Show. That apart from a ’45 with non LP b-side is their recorded output

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