GULP 1019 – Charlie Smithers

“Charlie Smithers Is A Very Funny Man” 1976

This LP is missing from every online Gull Records discography I could find…and it’s certainly one for label ‘completists’ only! A live recording of a stand-up comedian that I’ve never heard of, despite some of the comments on the rear sleeve from some famous contemporaries.

Sleeve notes:

Sleeve notes:

Non-gatefold sleeve, printed by Robert Stace.

Label notes:

Pye Records credit on label. Vinyl is Pye’s unique translucent red vinyl – looks black under normal light but is ever so slightly transparent red when held up to a very bright light.

Matrix (hand etched):

G  U L P  1 0 1 9   A – 1 <> NB
G  U L P  1 0 1 9   B – 1 <> NB

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