GULP 1015 – Judas Priest

“Sad Wings Of Destiny” 1975



Sleeve notes:

Non-gatefold sleeve, printed by Robert Stace. “Stereo” explanation runs horizontally across bottom edge of rear sleeve. Tracklisting on sleeve lists side 2 tracks first, or the labels are incorrect…perhaps the album should have started with ‘Prelude’ running into ‘Tyrant’…

Note that there are two issues on the Gull label: front cover is identical, rear sleeve (above left) is the Decca pressed version and has red text with Gull Records address detail in the centre and “Printed by Robert Stace” also in red bottom right. The 2nd issue above right is a Pye pressed version and has all the text in black with the Gull office address now at bottom left and also “Made and printed in England” bottom left below Gull address.


Label notes:

Note that there are two issues on the Gull label: 1st issue is Decca pressed and has the following

“Gull Songs” above 33 1/3
“Made In England”  “The Decca Record Co. Ltd” credit.
“XZAL 14374P” above the catalogue number “GULP 1015”

Decca style stamped matrices:

X Z A L – 1 4 3 7 4 . P – 2W
X Z A L – 1 4 3 7 5 . P – 2W


2nd issue is pressed by Pye and features the translucent ‘secret’ red vinyl when held up to a very bright light (such as a halogen spotlight). This version features the following:

“Gull Songs” publishing credits after each song title on the label.
“Distributed by Pye Records (Sales) Ltd”
“GULP 1015 A” above the catalogue number “GULP 1015”

Hand etched matrices:

GULP 1015 – A1

GULP 1015 – B1



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