GULP 1005 – Judas Priest

“Rocka Rolla” 1974



Sleeve notes:

1st pressing: Non-gatefold sleeve, Robert Stace credit (bottom right corner).

2nd pressing: Non-gatefold sleeve, no printer’s credit. Pye Records credit.


Label notes:

1st pressing with Decca style matrices and credits on labels: “The Decca Record Co. Ltd”.

2nd pressing with Pye style matrices and credits on labels: “Distributed by Pye Records (Sales) Ltd” on label.


Matrix 1st press (stamped):




Matrix 2nd press (hand etched):

G U L P  1 0 0 5   A – 1 – C
G U L P  1 0 0 5   B – 1 – C

2 comments on “GULP 1005 – Judas Priest

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  2. This is not entirely correct… there is a 2nd printing on Decca matrices with Robert Stace printing credit. The difference is that the line “Thanks for the Words Al!” is missing from the back cover. This is a reference to original singer Al Atkins letting them use the name Judas Priest and some of his uncredited lyrics. The Pye version is then the third printing.

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