GUD 2005 – Judas Priest

“Hero Hero” 1981

A bit of a ‘cash-in’ by Gull Records on Judas Priest’s global success following 1980’s “British Steel” (released on CBS). Gull had already released a ‘Best Of’ in 1978, but at least this 2LP set featured remixed tracks.







GUD-2005-Judas-Priest-Hero-label1  GUD-2005-Judas-Priest-Hero-label2

Sleeve notes:

Gatefold sleeve with “Made and Printed in England” on inner gatefold, no printer’s credit. Front cover illustration by ‘Melvyn’.


Label notes:

Pye Records credit on labels.


Hand etched matrix:

GUD 2005 A1

GUD 2005 B1


GUD 2006 A1

GUD 2006 B2


5 comments on “GUD 2005 – Judas Priest

    • Hi, no these discs are standard black vinyl and do not glow red when held up to the light. I think Pye Records changed their manufacturing processes towards the end of the 1970s. It seems to be records from the early and mid 1970s that have this ‘secret’ red effect.

  1. A wonderful artwork. The Spanish edition of this compilation is almost identical as regards to front (only changes the label “2 LP for the price of 1”). The back cover is different (black and white in the Spanish edition) and is not gatefold. The vinyls are involved in separate clear plastic bags. In Spain, the album was edited by “Discos Victoria”

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