CAS 1009 – Gordon Turner

“Meditation” – 1970

Sleeve notes:

Non-gatefold, with B&C Records logo and credit on rear sleeve. Printed and made by EJ Day Group, London and Bedford on rear sleeve. Originally came with ‘explanatory notes’ insert.


Stamped matrix:

CAS 1009 A//3  1  1  3



CAS 1009 B//3  1  1  4



CAS1009-insert-front  CAS1009-insert-intro

Reissued with different sleeve design, later style label (which includes the B&C Records credit – first edition does not) and also deletes the reference on the rear sleeve to the free ‘catalogue with explanatory notes’

CAS1009-Front-reissue CAS1009-rear-reissue CAS1009-label-reissue

3 comments on “CAS 1009 – Gordon Turner

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  2. This album was released with two different sleeves on the “Pink Scroll”. The one shown and the rarer “Dragonfly” Sleeve. Picture available if you require it!!!!

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