BCP.7 – Spreadeagle/Capability Brown

“Nightingale Lane/Liar” 1972

An unusual split promo single featuring a different band on each side. Money saving exercise? Or shrewd marketing ploy?

BCP7-SpreadeagleCapability-Brown-A  BCP7-SpreadeagleCapability-Brown-B


BCP7-sleeve-front  BCP7-sleeve-rear

Unfortunately (and embarrassingly for Charisma), they managed to get the song title wrong for the A side. Here’s a copy of the press release that accompanied the promo correcting the mistake:


4 comments on “BCP.7 – Spreadeagle/Capability Brown

  1. BCP stands for B & C Promo. This is number 7. BCP 1 is a Pink Charisma Scroll single by AUDIENCE – BCP 2 is a Pink Charisma Scroll single by RARE BIRD – BCP 3 is a 3 track single by NAZARETH featuring Dear John & Witchdoctor Woman on the A-side. Only seen a white label copy of this so may have been issued as a taster for the MOONCREST label or a belated reference to Nazareths time at PEGASUS. No idea what is on 4,5 or 6. Pink Scroll Promos were also issued for other artists with some unusual catalogue numbers JH 1 for instance is a Pink Scroll promo for Jackson Heights – HN 1 is a Pink Scroll promo for HANNIBAL who didn’t release an official single I believe and there is also a B & C promo Cat. No. WA 1 which is a standard B & C black/green label promo of 2 tracks by The Wild Angels. On the B & C front, the BCS series were a mid 70’s resurrection of the B & C label the final release being “Rudi” by Pete Newham (or Newnham?) of which only 100 apparently got issued and this has now become highly collectible fetching up to £400 in Mint condition. I think this is BCS 0021. BCS 0016 is issued with a Lighting Records label and is HORRORCOMIC – A-side “All Hung Up On Pierrepoint” classed by some as late punk and quite a rareity as well especially in a picture sleeve.

    • Hi, mostly correct and yes I am aware of the pink scroll promos, just need to get around to uploading everything! The Hannibal promo is HB1 on B&C label, never on pink scroll! Thanks for your input, all very helpful.
      best regards

  2. Just spotted that BCP 8 is also a white label Nazareth promo with “Fool About You” & “Woke Up This Morning” as featured A-side tracks!!

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