CBS SPR 39/40 – Various

“Fill Your Head With Rock” 1970

I think CBS executives (in an attempt to establish a ‘cooler’ image than their Andy Williams, Barbra Streisand easy listening roster might project) decided on a label sampler of some of their newer, ‘rockier’ artistes…although some of those included here might be stretching that premise a fair bit. Also, whilst the denims, bare torso and long hair of the front cover image definitely hit the mark, the violin seems a strange choice to promote rock!




SPR39-Various-Fill-Your-Heads-With-Rock SPR40-Various-Fill-Your-Heads-With-Rock

Sleeve notes:

gatefold sleeve printed by EJ Day Group London & Bedford, no designer credit


Label notes:

orange labels with ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ at base of label


Stamped matrix:

SPR 39-A1

SPR 39-B1

SPR 40-A1

SPR 40-B1

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