2401002 – Led Zeppelin III


Comparison of the 2 labels differences; 1st pressing on the left which most noticeably has the following differences from the later issue on the right:

1. Executive Producer: Peter Grant

2. ‘2401002’ catalogue number has no gaps or hyphens

3. Central white band is parallel

4. Publishing credits ‘Warner Bros. Music Ltd’

the later issue also mis-names track 2 as ‘Celebration’ instead of ‘Celebration Day’ as well as deleting the Peter Grant credit and moving Jimmy Page’s producer credit into the lower ‘plum’ segment. The publishing credit has also dropped the ‘Ltd’ from Warner Bros. Music.

There is another version of the later pressing with all of the above changes but without the ‘Celebration’ error.

The earliest matrices for this album are A5/B5. Page was said to be unhappy with the first few test pressings and rejected them in favour of the 5th pressing, hence the earliest matrix you’ll find on either side will be A5 and B5. There are later matrix numbers. Also interesting is that the matrix was hand etched throughout and also includes the infamous Aleister Crowley quotes on either side:

Do What Thou Wilt

So Mote It Be

a complete 1st press should have the Peter Grant credit, hand etched matrices with both quotes as above.



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14 comments on “2401002 – Led Zeppelin III

  1. Hi, I see that you say that the earliest matrix is A5/B5. I have an early UK edition, stating Peter Grant and the matrix seems to be A4/B2! Don’t hesitate if you have some questions.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for your photos. Your copy is the reissue, which was made from new mothers and stampers which is why the matrix appears to be ‘earlier’ than the red/plum copies. The earliest matrix on the 1st issue red/plum labels is A5/B5.
      best regards

      • I have the second of the two red/plum issue with no Peter Grant, the “Celebration” mistake, the Alistar Crowley quotes on both sides, but mine also has A5 and B5 on the matrices?

  2. Hi, On the first pressing A5/B5, on side 2, track 2, is there a deliberate restart of the track after the first few bars?

  3. i have a vinyl production of Led Zepplin SHLP-605 -A L.H11.with the HIT (?) with the sleve front showing the four faces in black & white as on the cover above on Atlantic– this was acquired in Iran.
    Any info on this?

  4. Thank you, I thought I was hearing things. It certainly makes you sit up and take notice. Had almost forgotten just how good LZ are. Keith

  5. Hi, I can you explain when the K 50002 version (pictured above) is from? It says 1970 on the label but I wonder if it is from later. I have this version and it isn’t the best sounding vinyl tbh.

    • Hi, I cover the takeover of Atlantic’s back catalogue and the label by Kinney Music Group in another post on the site; but in summary, Kinney Music Group acquired Atlantic, Elektra and Warner around 1970, forming the WEA group. They changed the label design and catalogue numbering system for Atlantic in early 1972 (not long after Zeppelin’s fourth album was released) and so any ‘first issue’ green and orange labels would be from 1972. BUT….!!!! There have been numerous versions of the green and orange label reissued into the early 1980s, so without seeing your label it’s impossible to tell when it’s from. My ‘Led Zeppelin’ book details all the different label versions that were issued…

  6. Hi, I have a plain white labelled test pressing of this Lp with matrix numbers 2401002 A 3 111 & B 3 111
    Are you able to shed any light on this edition?

  7. Could you have a first press with the Kinney over-sticker on back and inside of sleeve? The label on LP has all the indications of first press.

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