588198 – Led Zeppelin II


1st label features ‘The Lemon Song’ – a claim of plagiarism was levelled at Led Zeppelin and this song had to be renamed as ‘Killing Floor’ and credited to Chester Burnett (aka ‘Howling Wolf’) – see label 2 below. Note the error on side 2 label above – song 2 is erroneously named as ‘Living Loving Wreck (She’s A Woman)’.

Original sleeve is lighter brown in colour. Sleeve credit was never changed from ‘The Lemon Song’.

Also, note the copyright information has now been listed as Warner Bros and Jewel Music whereas the first label just states ‘Copyright control’.

2nd label now credits ‘Produced by Jimmy Page’ in the orange segment below ‘Led Zeppelin II’ (first label design has the credit in the plum segment).



The first reissue (c. 1972) on orange and green label is on the left (above). Note the copyright statement is contained within the orange segment. The second reissue (above right) has a ‘W’ logo at the end of the statement and it also runs through the white band into the green. Different label type design too. 3rd reissue from 1979 has “Manufactured in the UK’ and new style font for ‘STEREO’ and ‘ONE’. Publishing has reverted back to Warner Bros. Music (as per 1st reissue) instead of Kinney Music on the 2nd reissue. “The Lemon Song” is also reinstated (credited to Burnett) whereas the 2nd reissue has “Killing Floor”, again as per the 1st reissue.

Reissue sleeve for both K40037 versions above on orange and green labels is much darker brown than original sleeve design (top of page).

Note the differences on the inner sleeve below between the original red/plum sleeve, the first green/orange reissue and the second green/orange reissue:

Note the differences in the distribution credits, removal of the Polydor Records manufacturing credit, changes to the printer’s credit and the fairly ham-fisted over-pasting of new artwork on both sleeves.

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6 comments on “588198 – Led Zeppelin II

  1. hello. i am intrigued by debates about the very first matrix numbers of led zep II. It is reported that the first press is A2/B2. i also understand that the very first copies had blue/green lettering on the spine. however, there are some very early pressings that have A/B with no numbers after, and on some sites i have seen the writers say these are the very first. on a broader note, there is also debate about the very 1st press of Physical graffiti : most listings (ebay/popsike ) quote the 1st press as A1/B5/C1/D1, whereas a few commentators say theres an even earlier one (B4). Not sure how much difference it makes as it could be argued thast it just happened to be what stampers were being used at the time ie some rolling off a B5, some off a B4. would welcome any views and would be interested to know if you plan to add matrix numbering to your resource site. great site by the way !

    • Hi, upon close inspection of the various copies I have, the A/B matrix without numbers following appears on the ‘Living Loving Wreck’ very first pressing. My copy has the matrix hand etched. Does anyone have a stamped issue? The A2/B2 stamped matrix appears on the corrected ‘Living Loving Maid’/’Lemon Song’ version. I have also seen the same label variant with A2/B5 stamped matrices. ‘Killing Floor’ label variants have A5/B4, A6/B4 matrices and probably other variations too.

      The blue/green lettering is I believe fading of the original print on the spine due to sunlight exposure over the last few decades.

      As far as I am aware the A1/B4/C1/D1 Physical Graffiti is the earliest…unless anyone can prove otherwise…?

  2. Hi , I have a stamped A2 / B2 ‘ Living Loving Wreck, but also an etched ‘ Living Loving Maid’ like your photo with the recessed area around the spindle hole which I recently picked up, I have seen a lot of LZ 2s but none like this. I have a A2 / B2 normal Lemon Song copy, as well as an A5 / B5 copy

  3. Hi,I have an a2 b2 first issue label, with livin lovin maid ,lemon song credits so I guess an early second issue?

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  5. when I was 15, many years ago in the 70s. my older brother thought he lost my LZ2 album, knowing how much LZ meant to me he bought me a new one that I still have. the one he thought was lost was just in the wrong jacket. I still have that LZ2 album he bought me. I never opened it, and it still has the plastic wrap over the album. bought from licorice pizza in Hollywood ca. I don’t think this album will ever feel the needle, or see light.

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