7 comments on “Whatever happened to Marcus Keef, album sleeve designer…?

  1. hi….thanks for your information about keef. i love his cover designs very much and i found in my collection 4 more…Collosseum – Live, Dimensions of Miracles (Mercury Sampler), Raw Material – Time Is … , Zior.
    the european cover of J.D. Blackfoot – The Ultimate Prophecy looks very much like a cover by keef, but i couldn´t find out which artist made that one.
    regards martin

    • Thanks for the update and additions Martin. I’d like to do a book on Keef and have actually written to him to try and interview him…but sadly, no reply. Obviously too busy with his Chart Show empire…

  2. “The Troggs Tapes” (1976) by The Troggs was one of his last LP covers. The sole, self-titled one by Zior (1971) is also pretty cool. It’s interesting to note that he also did Black Sabbath’s “Vol. 4” album, but–oddly enough–under his real name.

    • Thanks for the update on Keef covers, although I think you’ll find that the Black Sabbath Vol. 4 cover was designed by the Bloomsbury Group. Keith MacMillan (Marcus Keef’s real name) is credited with the photography. I assume this would include the front cover photo of Ozzy Osbourne as well as the inner booklet photos.
      best regards

    • Thanks for your input, although I actually like the quirkiness of the Jimmy Campbell cover! Particularly the raven and the hooded/cloaked figure on the back…The Kaleidoscope cover is certainly very ‘Keefish’ although it’s unusual for him to feature the band members so prominently. If anyone owns this, can they confirm or deny if there are any credits to Keef on this cover?

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