3 comments on “Led Zeppelin and Superhype…

  1. I have the original August 17th, 1969 show contract paperwork for the Oakdale Musical Theatre concert, signed by LZ manager Peter Grant and Oakdale owner Ben Segal. It states that “Constellation Overseas, LTD.” will be furnishing the services of Led Zeppelin for the show. Constellation Overseas Ltd was incorporated on November 24, 1965 and is now dissolved. There isn’t any director information or really any information at all(not to be confused with the current offshore mining company of the same name). Their address was, Barclays House, 41 Park Cross Street, Leeds LS1 2QH. The building at that address sounds like it could be an office quadplex now and isn’t quite as nice as surrounding buildings. Is this possibly another one of Jimmy’s companies, similar to Superhype or Flames of Albion, etc., etc.?? Even the name sounds like something he would come up with, Constellation Overseas = Superstar Abroad(USA/The World)!?!? It seems like 1965 was when Jimmy was really becoming a highly sought after session musician and may have had the foresight of protecting himself and his ventures, and could have set up Constellation Overseas.
    A similar show contract for the March 30th, 1969 show at Farx Blues Club in England, also signed by Grant, lists Superhype Company, LTD. as the service provider for LZ, as one might expect. This contract paperwork sold at a well known US auction house in April of 2008.
    Any information on the company Constellation Overseas LTD. would be much appreciated.

    • Sounds entirely plausible that this was a Grant/Page company…1965 is when the two would have met with Page joining the Yardbirds, so it was probably set up by one of their accountants, who was probably based in Leeds…

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