9 comments on “Led Zeppelin IV – Red/Plum Atlantic…all 5 label variations!

  1. I’ve got a near mint copy of the orange and green label LZ IV with the Misty Mountain Top misprint. Is that still a collectible item?

    • Hi, the orange and green label was a fairly common reissue and somehow the ‘Top’ misprint reappeared, despite having been corrected on the last red/plum issue…if your copy is the first orange and green issue (i.e. with the copyright statement just within the orange segment and not running through the white band into the green) and does not have a ‘W’ logo in a black lozenge after the copyright statement then yes, it’s still quite collectable and probably worth between £15 and £20.

  2. I have an A3/B3 Led Zep IV with the upside down feather on Side 2 but i think its a later issue as it has “Led Zeppelin” at the top of the label. There is no Peter Grant credit. Is this quite rare? Must be 6 different label variations then?

    • Hi Stuart, sincere apologies for the very late reply, been far too busy trying to update the mammoth task of all the different labels on this site. Can you send me a good hi-res scan of the label you refer to? More than happy to credit your input on this post.

  3. Ich habe noch eine andere Variante!
    Seite 2 Feder auf dem Kopf , Misty Mountain Top Misprint , Led zeppelin oben , Kinney Superhype +
    Produced by Jimmy Page unten ohne Peter Grant Credit !!

  4. I have an A3/B4 Led Zepp IV, red and plum, with the upside down feather on side two. It has “LED ZEPPELIN” below the symbols, the Peter Grant credit has been removed and has the addition of Superhype Music Inc after KInney Music Ltd.

  5. Great work doing this. I picked up a version 2 today. Grant credit but with correct feather on side 2. Vinyl is in good condition but cover and inner sleeve well loved (fair).

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